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If a business makes a loss, the Taxman allows you to deduct it from your other income and so reduce your tax bill, with... Read more

By Tony Czypionka | Accountant and Tax Adviser

Budget 2012 – Summary

23/03/2012 | No comments

The Chancellor unveiled a range of measures that left no doubt that the ‘age of austerity’ is not yet over – though thanks to a steady stream of pre-Budget announcements and leaks, Mr Osborne had little to offer in the way of surprises. The Budget highlights included: The personal allowance will be increased to... Read more

In the 2011 Autumn Statement Chancellor of the Exchequer, George Osborne, updated MPs on the state of the economy and the governments plans for the future. We have produced our own summary of his proposal to help you to better understand its implications on... Read more

By Tony Czypionka | Accountant and Tax Adviser

File Your Tax Return By 31/01/12……

21/11/2011 | No comments

…..As new penalties are in place The New Penalties Are: An initial £100 fixed penalty even if you have no tax to pay. 5% of unpaid tax if filed by 28/02/12 File 3 months late and daily penalties of £10/day will be applied File 6 months late and a further penalty of 5% of... Read more

Mortgage Introducer explains how renting out a room in your home can be very tax efficient. By taking advantage of the government’s Rent a Room scheme, potential landlords can earn up to £4,250 per year without incurring any extra tax – a sure way to score in these credit-tightened times. Click here to read... Read more

Tax alert on emails Thousands of people have been sent bogus emails saying they are in line for a tax refund. The messages claim to be from HM Revenue & Customs and try to trick consumers into disclosing their credit card details. There has been a surge in the fake emails in the run-up... Read more

By Tony Czypionka | Accountant and Tax Adviser

Should You Complete a Tax Return?

08/04/2011 | No comments

Should You Complete a Tax Return for the Year Ending 5th April... Read more

By Tony Czypionka | Accountant and Tax Adviser

What Can we Expect In The Budget ?

21/03/2011 | No comments

This week the UK government will announce its budget for... Read more

By Tony Czypionka | Accountant and Tax Adviser

Optimise Your Capital Gains Tax Allowance

25/02/2011 | No comments

The Taxman allows you exemption on the first £10,100 of gain between purchasing & selling shares. If you bought shares last year that are currently showing a £8,000 profit you are still within the exemption. How about in 2 years time when the shares may be worth £18,000 with a £7,900 taxable gain, that... Read more

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