Leaving On A Jet Plane ?


HSBC has just issued its ‘Future of Retirement Study’ and it makes interesting reading. It may even raise a smile if you look closely at the results which are broken down into aspirations and then indicates whether or not they are achieved.


The survey implies that roughly 25% of retirees want to learn a new language or write a book but of those people, three quarters don’t quite make it, and that’s fair enough. Not everybody is cut out to be a linguist and not everybody is destined to become a best selling author.

There’s better news for travellers. Nearly 75% of retirees want to travel extensively and this includes taking frequent foreign holidays. This objective is much more realistic as nearly 80% of people achieve their retirement dream and get to travel to foreign lands – a pity then that they do not combine travel with learning a foreign language or maybe writing a travel book?!

Nearly half of us want to take up more sport in retirement and a similar percentage want to get involved in charity work. Is the answer to get involved with sports clubs with the grandchildren,……….. or maybe not. This might not be the secret to achieving happiness in retirement.

The last aspiration might have a hidden clue. Only 65% of retirees want to spend more time with the family and yet 3% fail to achieve that. Maybe the family is spending a lot of time at the tennis club and this 3% represents the golfers?

As we get older we start to plan what we want to do in retirement. We live in a world with greater life expectancy, cheaper travel and a fantastic range of leisure opportunities for people of all ages, but whilst you are signing up for a pottery workshop  or booking your foreign language classes, take a few moments to make sure that your pension is on track.

We can’t help you make a pot or teach you french verbs, but we can help you with your pension planning.  After all, even spending time with the family is going to cost you something.

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Written by Sean O'Shea | Senior Consultant

Sean joined has been an IFA for over 20 years. Read more >>

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