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Written by Clive Shaw | Chief Executive

Possible Future Reduction In Pension Tax Relief

30 May 2014 | No comments

Steve Webb, the pensions minister, is calling for a flat rate of tax relief on future pension contributions... Read more

Written by Clive Shaw | Chief Executive

Britain’s Savings Shake Up

13 May 2014 | No comments

A radical shake-up of pension rules is expected to kick-start further changes to Britain’s individual savings... Read more

Following last week’s Budget, it would be easy to think that this was a Budget designed to help boost the profits of foreign car... Read more

By Tony Czypionka | Accountant and Tax Adviser

Are You Claiming All Your Tax Breaks ?

22 Nov 2013 | No comments

The importance of higher rate tax relief on pensions... Read more

Prudential identify not all pension tax relief is being... Read more

Written by Jeremy Jukes | Associate Director

ABI Data Compares Pension Annuity Rates

21 Aug 2013 | No comments

Confirmation it pays to compare the pension income offered by your pension... Read more

Written by Jeremy Jukes | Associate Director

Do You Need To Protect Your Pension From Tax?

02 Jul 2013 | No comments

HMRC has published details of a new individual protection regime which will allow people with pension savings of more than £1.25 million to protect the value of their pot from a tax... Read more

Written by Sean O'Shea | Senior Consultant

What Have The Romans Ever Done For Us?

13 May 2013 | No comments

Apart from plumbing, roads and housing, believe it or not they also introduced pensions!... Read more

Written by Clive Shaw | Chief Executive

State Pension Changes

29 Jan 2013 | No comments

The government has outlined proposals for a major overhaul of the state pension... Read more

Written by Sam Gulley | Financial Planning Consultant

The World Won’t End…… But It Will Change When G Day Comes?

15 Nov 2012 | No comments

If you know your Latin American history, you will know that the Mayans predicted that the World will end on the 21st December... Read more

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