Asset Management

Maximise your investment potential with the lowest possible risk.

Asset Management provides investors with the potential to achieve the return they require within the risk tolerance they are prepared to accept.

What is Asset Management?

Asset Management is proven* to have the largest affect on the variability of investment returns. It is more important than Market Timing or Stock/Fund Selection.

Asset Management aims to provide investors with a combination of investments, with the potential to give the return they require with the lowest possible risk, or volatility.

While we would all like to have the certainty of higher returns for minimal risk, the reality is that there is usually a close relationship between risk and return. Our recommendations will therefore look at a proposed Asset Allocation split, and only then consider funds and providers to match this profile.

Asset Management is also known as: Financial Management, Capital Management, Wealth Management, Portfolio Management, Asset Allocation and Fund Management.

* Determinants of Portfolio Performance, The Financial Analysts Journal by Gary P. Brinson, L. Randolph Hood, and Gilbert L. Beebower, 1986.

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